Apps like Funimate – similar alternatives to Funimate video editor

Are you trying to find the top applications like Funimate? Need to know what they are? You’re in the correct place, so don’t worry! I’ll outline a few Funimate alternatives in this article to assist you in selecting the ideal program for your needs when creating or editing videos.

One of the greatest entertaining video editing programs is called Funimate, and it enables you to create incredible music video clips, slow-motion films, lip-sync videos, edit your videos, and much more. This software was created specifically for those who want to create videos and share them with others in order to go viral or expand their audience.

What is Funimate and why do want to find an alternative?

The most entertaining video editor is called Funimate, and it lets you make great music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion films, edit your video, and more. It is created by AVCR Inc. and is usable on iOS and Android operating systems. The app was created specifically for people who wish to make original videos and share them with others in order to go viral and grow their fan base.

To make your films more fascinating, you may easily add stunning effects, texts, music, and emoticons. Similar to other lip-sync software, it includes a huge library of background material that can be used to make and share amazing lip sync videos.

This application’s patent-pending technology enables you to make stunning music videos with distinctive real-time effects, which is a great feature.

A few other notable aspects of Funimate are the simplicity and ease of use of the interface, the ability to simply share your musical films, the ability to make and share an endless number of videos, etc.

Even though Funimate is a great app for video editing, it might not be the best for you. There might be some features which you want but not present in this app. There might be other reasons such as the app is slow, hangs, lot of ads etc. For some people the app might be costly and need a cheaper alternative.

Here we list down all the top apps like Funimate which are similar in nature but give a lot of benefits.

YouCut – Video Editor & Maker

YouCut is a free music video editor, professional video trimmer, and video joiner for social media sites like YouTube.

Edit videos expertly. YouCut allows you to quickly create your own films using images or video clips. Without prior video editing knowledge. Try it now.


YouCut is a free video editor and movie maker that offers the most helpful features compared to other top professional video editors, movie makers, and video cutters. It also has no banner advertisements.

Video Joiner and Merger
Add video to video or combine video segments into one. It is a professional video maker for YouTube as well as a video cutter and joiner, which aids in compressing and combining videos without sacrificing quality.

Video Speed Control
New fast/slow motion capability (change video speed from 0.2 to 100) with video editing and speed adjustment via filters and effects
video in a humorous way sped up.
For rare moments, slow down video.

Maker of photo slideshows
Free music video editor with images, expert video combining software, and slideshow maker.
Combine videos and images, and expertly edit videos with sound.
Quickly create slideshows with the aid of a slideshow creator.

Watermark absent
YouCut never adds a watermark to your video as a free music video editor and full screen video creator for YouTube. Unlike other video editing tools, there are no banner advertisements on the screen.


Inshot – Video Editor & Maker

InShot is a robust, all-in-one video editor and maker with capabilities for professionals. Add background blur, music, text, silky slow motion, video collages, transition effects, and more to your movies! InShot is a simple-to-use editing tool that makes it simple to create vlogs and promote them on platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

InShot also functions as a collage and photo editor. Edit photos and selfies, get rid of backgrounds, add filters, adjust HSL, etc.


Rudimentary Video Editing
* Cut and trim video. Divide a video into many clips.
* Conjoin videos. combine several videos into one. Without sacrificing quality, combine and reduce footage.
* Adapt the ratio. You can use any aspect ratio for your movie and images.
* Vary the pace. between 0.2x and 100x.
* Switch. * Create photo slideshows. * Rewind video segments. Additionally, you can create stop-motion movies.

Sophisticated Video Editor
The keyframes. Text, stickers, and PIPs should all have keyframe animations.
In-Picture Display (PIP). Layer images and video on top of the footage. Create a simple video collage.
Chromatic key eliminates the chosen color. This tool allows you to make green screen videos.
* Mask. The PIP should have a form mask.
* Blends. Use the blend mode to smear your video.

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CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut is a flexible and user-friendly official free video editor and video maker for TikTok.

CapCut offers free advanced capabilities like keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion effects, chroma key, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and stabilization to let you record and snip moments in addition to its fundamental functions like video editing, text, stickers, filters, colors, and music.

Make sophisticated movies with additional distinctive features like text-to-speech, motion tracking, auto captioning, trending styles, and background removal. Go viral on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook by showcasing your personality!

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Rudimentary Video Editing
• Split or merge videos, and trim and tighten clips.
• Apply speed curves to clips and change the video speed from 0.1x to 100x.
• Animate video clips to create stunning zoom-in and zoom-out effects.
• Use the rewind and reverse functions to create engaging video content for social media.
• Use the freeze tool to highlight the best parts of clips and vlogs.
• Examine several transitional choices for amazing effects at transitions between video.

Sophisticated Video Editor
• For all settings, keyframe video animation is available.
• Use the speed curve tool and optical flow function in video editing to produce fluid slow-motion.
• To exclude specific colors from videos, use the chroma key.
• Use the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) capability to easily splice in video and photo layers atop the footage.

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The most widely used app for creating short videos and lip-syncing is called TikTok. With over 65 million installs, TikTok was the non-gaming app that received the most downloads globally.

With its availability in 39 different languages, TikTok has certainly made its mark on the global scene.

With the help of this software, you may not only discover incredible videos made by individuals around the world but also create amazing videos of your own.

Based on the content you view, like, and share, the app offers millions of outstanding videos that are tailored specifically for you. The application will adjust to your preferences by providing the most interesting, entertaining, and eye-catching films that you won’t be able to put down.

Official TikTok statistics show that the app’s users are devoted and frequently utilize it. In fact, 90% of users use the app more than once daily.

For individuals who wish to showcase their talents, TikTok is the finest option. Already, millions of creators are showing their skills, priceless memories, and expertise. TikTok, in particular, has a lot of appeal for young people. TikTok is reportedly used by 49% of youths in the US, despite just 9% of US internet users claiming to have done so.

Try out TikTok if you want to connect with individuals all over the world.

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Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Ever wondered how makers of beautiful videos go viral? Discover how simple it is to make your own masterpiece with only your phone by downloading Splice!

professional desktop editing performance tailored to your mobile device. A few simple touches can be used to cut footage, add music, change the speed, and produce stunning movies and slideshows that you’ll want to share. Watch as your fans are blown away by your stunning video editing. Quick, easy, and breathtaking Never before has editing on the go been quicker or simpler.

Create beautiful videos quickly using Splice Video Editor!

The best mobile video and movie editing tools are available on Splice.
Your photographs and video clips can be quickly edited, cropped, and combined. You can even change the pace for slow or rapid motion. Easily add music from our collection of more than 400 songs, plus add titles and text overlays.

Add images and videos, then customize the length. Easily arrange and combine your photos and videos with our user-friendly timeline: Making videos is now simpler than ever. PRO Trimmer & Cutter: Cut and trim your movies to create new clips from them.

Adapt to the proper aspect ratio: Create works of art that are the ideal size for your preferred social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (posts, stories, and Reels).

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Triller, a video editing tool with “AI power,” was introduced in 2015. Triller, like TikTok, is where budding rap stars and veteran musicians can be found.

The software allows you to select your favorite songs and then record yourself in numerous takes for that song. Triller automatically adds effects to your films because it is essentially an AI-driven video editing tool.

These can be simple text that appears in your Triller clips or random overlays in slow and fast motion. You can either create social videos or music remixes. You can work together on the site with friends and other users.

It allows users to create lip-sync videos, music videos, and skits with background music. Its standout feature is the auto-editing software that automatically stitches together various video clips without the operator needing to do it themselves. Users can shoot many takes with various cuts or filters each time, even if these distinct video clips are produced to the same music.

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You can create awesome films with your favorite music and limitless clips with the simplest video editor for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter using Lomotif, another alternative to Funimate.

Your videos can be easily duplicated, cropped, edited, trimmed, and deleted. Additionally, there are many options for titles, filters, flash effects, GIFs, animated stickers, and more. Three technology patents for Lomotif have been approved specifically for allowing producers to comfortably watch and share short videos through collaboration and remix.

Simply select and hold the thumbnail of the clip you want to reorder, then drag it to the desired location in the timeline.


  • You can send text messages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook to share your films.
  • You may import images and videos from Facebook and Instagram or easily rearrange footage.
  • The in-built editor allows you to edit your video to perfection.
  • You can choose which of your best moments should be included as video highlights using built-in gestures.
  • Between the Landscape and Square formats, you may easily switch.
  • Hyperlapse videos can be used for time lapse or a stunning fast-mo effect.

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The company EnjoyMobi Video Editor Studio Video Player and Editors created and released the free, all-in-one video editor software known as VideoShow. The software is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices and has more than 200 million users from all over the world. It includes top-notch video editing and creation tools that let you easily edit and polish your priceless films whatever you like.

You may effortlessly make a film using photographs, music, and a variety of other available elements in this beautiful program. You may also make musical videos, lip-sync videos, and slow-motion films with the aid of this tool without any restrictions.

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The best video editing program for producing movies with green screen editing and a video stabilizer can turn your footage into unforgettable moments.

– Create slow-motion videos, slideshows, and even video collages by choosing from a broad range of effective video editing tools that are updated on a monthly basis.

Use the 4300+ configurable video templates and built-in stock library to add images, music, sound effects, and intro/outro videos to create montage videos. To become the next vlog star, post your greatest work on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

  • Adjust the transparency, rotation, position, and scale for picture-in-picture and masks using the keyframe controls.
  • Up to 4K resolution video editing and exporting
  • Create speed-adjustable videos in slow motion or fast motion.
  • Utilize a video stabilizer to fix shaky camera footage, create eye-catching intros with animated titles, and experiment with unique audio effects in the voice changer.
  • Chroma-key can be used to replace backgrounds with green screens and to produce stunning double exposure effects with video overlays and blending settings.
  • Direct upload to Facebook and YouTube, then share with friends

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One of the greatest apps like Funimate is Vizmato, which enables you to make faultless studding videos in a matter of minutes. It is a user-friendly movie maker tool that enables you to add themes, your favorite music, filters, effects, and text to your videos to make them appear stylish. Slideshow maker is another name for the program that turns your photographs into films.

You have the option of sharing your creation with your loved ones, friends, and anybody else, or you may post it on the social media site of your choosing, such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or Vine. Make a hilarious video, record your own music video, or add sparkle to footage of your important occasions.


  • With the help of its capable video editor, you can clip, trim, and edit numerous films to create the ideal movie.
  • To change the look of your movie, you can add filters, text, visual effects, themes, and background music.
  • You can create a piece of visual and acoustic art using its slideshow maker.
    Choose from more than 40 visual effects, some of which are found in Hollywood productions.
  • To give your movie a look, pick from more than 20 visual themes and filters, like haunting, Hollywood, romantic, old school, and many others.
  • To change the pacing of your video, record it in either slow motion or rapid-fire.

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Kine Master

Start a new video or edit a video template; Utilize stunning visual and audio effects to combine your own films and photographs. After that, broadcast your video to the world!

Learn what is possible!
• On the Home screen, locate the ideal KineMaster video template.
• View the Mix screen to explore the capabilities of Video Templates.
• On the Create page, you can manage your movies or create new ones. On the Me screen, you can save your favorite templates and sign up for KineMaster membership.

Create a mixture
Download a video template, then substitute your own films and photos. Modify the video as much as you’d like to make it uniquely yours. Text should be written and edited, then effects and animations should be added for extra creativity.

  • Add music, voiceovers, sound effects, and voice changers. Add videos, photos, stickers, special effects, and more.
  • With color filters and color tweaks, you can alter the appearance; you can immerse yourself in the sound with EQ settings, ducking, and volume envelope tools; and you can add bespoke motion graphics to nearly anything with the keyframing tool.
  • Share Your Achievement
  • Videos can be imported and exported for backup and teamwork. Save your videos in 4K at 30 frames per second and share them with the world.

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Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Canva is a free graphic design program that combines a photo and video editor. Make beautiful social media posts, movies, cards, posters, collages of photos, and more. For Instagram stories and video collages, stand out with simple animations and entertaining music.

No knowledge or expertise in design? No issue! Canva is designed very simple & easy for anyone in the globe to design, including a photo editor, collage maker, and logo builder.

Numerous templates offer countless creative opportunities.
• Professionally designed invitations, flyers, gift certificates, etc. to promote your business or event

• Showcase your product with our logo maker

• Visualize data with slick presentation templates and slideshow maker

• Playful Facebook posts, Insta layouts, Instagram post maker, IG Story, & mood boards

Simple photo editing tools include cropping, flipping, and blurring; adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, color, and other factors; and applying aesthetic filters and effects to express your personal style (Retro, Pixelate, Liquify, etc.)

• Make a fun picture grid and photo collage with tons of stickers.

• Design simply on a small screen without being distracted by adverts.

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You may make entertaining lip-sync videos to share with friends on the entertainment portal dubsmash. You can quickly record a video dubbing over that price of audio by using sound clips from music, movies, or television shows, or by using an audio recording option and other internal resources. It also boasts one of the best, most comprehensive sound collections.

Additionally, you will be able to input your own music and edit the records by adding text animation and color filters. Additionally, you can store your clips on your devices and send them via additional messaging services. English, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, and many other languages are among the many accessible.


  • Both iOS and Android devices can use it.
  • You can make films of oneself lip-syncing, performing skits, singing, coming up with original ideas, and dancing to music.
  • Additionally, it provides adjustable choices for text boxes, sound effects, graphic embellishments, and other audio additions.
  • You have the option of choosing an audio recording or uploading your own.


In this post you found out about various applications similar to Funimate. They achieve similar objective of video editing along with having some additional features. You may download them and leave a comment below which one you liked. Please also share any other useful application if you feel which is similar to Funimate and needs to be added to the above list.

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