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Funimate is the most preferred and popular application for video editing needs used by iPhone and iPad users. The app is being used by millions of users globally. Funimate can be used to make creative videos out of your normal videos or pictures which you capture everyday. The hundreds of effects, features and transitions available make it the most handy application to have. (Read: Funimate creative video and music clip editor). You can create amazing videos having great visual effects which are pleasing to watch.

The app possesses very powerful technology with which you can create really cool videos with amazing effects. This is surely going to wow your audience.

Download Funimate for iOS and apple

How to download Funimate free for iOS:

The usage of iPhone and iPad has grown tremendously over the years. Therefore, iOS is one of the popular operating systems currently along with Android and Windows. Users of iPhone or iPad want to use features such as video editing for their daily needs. We know that Funimate is that perfect app that fits the requirement. Funimate has all the wonderful features such as ability to make slideshows, loopy videos, add music, emoji, text, use filters etc. You can also do normal functions such as cut, merge, trim etc. Use the below link to download Funimate for iOS device.

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Steps to download and install Funimate on Apple device:

  • Make sure that you have sufficient memory (about 200 MB) and good, stable internet connection for the next steps
  • Use the button above to visit the Apple App store and locate the Funimate Creative Video Editor App
  • Click on “get for free” in order to being download. Note that there are two versions available viz. free and paid/premium version
  • Once the download is finished it should automatically begin the installation process.
  • Wait for sometime and make sure your battery is sufficient to complete the above processes.
  • Once the app is installed, locate that on your device and launch Funimate
  • Read Login or Sign in to Funimate video maker in order to understand how to login and start using the app

How to go Premium from Free version:

The free version of Funimate will give you enough flexibility to meet most of your video editing needs. However, if you need extended features and to unlock all the facilities offered by Funimate then you need to buy a subscription. You need to understand if the payment is worth your needs and if so then you can go ahead and upgrade to Funimate PRO. Note that you need to be aware of the pricing information, rules and regulation, how to manage the costs, free trial, subscription etc.

Funimate iOS chic effect

To begin with, opt for a free trial period of 7 days. Good thing is you can experience all the features free of cost and you can cancel the free trial anytime and still get the benefit of 7 days. Do note that if you do not cancel the subscription a day before the expiry then there might be an auto charge on your payment method chosen. You can go for the shortest subscription period such as week, fortnight, month so that you pay less and become comfortable with all the features in the PRO mode.

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Go to your Apple account and configure payment settings. Search for Funimate app and you will notice that the “get” button would have turned to “buy”. Then select buy and choose the subscription you need. Alternatively, you can buy premium subscription from within the app. Search for the “GO PRO” button from within the app home screen and click on the same and choose your desired subscription.

How to cancel Funimate subscription on Apple:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
  4. Tap the subscription that you want to manage which in this case is Funimate.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.

If you have subscribed by mistake or some unauthorized subscription has happened, then you can request Apple to reverse/refund the same. You can use this link for that objective.

So that is about how to download and install Funimate on iPhone and iOS in this article. It is very easy to download, obtain subscription, manage and cancel subscription. Do write your thoughts in the comment section or contact us through the contact us page.

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