Funimate refund

How to cancel subscription and obtain refund on Funimate

Funimate PRO subscription:

If you are enjoying Funimate app and want to unlock additional features then you can subscribe to Funimate PRO package. With the Funimate PRO subscription you can remove watermark from the edited videos. Also you can unlock a lot of effects, animations, transitions, templates which are not available to free users. This gives you a lot of flexibility to create wonderful edited videos. Funimate PRO unlocks every feature in the app such as all the video effects, touch magic effects and also removes the watermark & ads. You will also a get a “PRO” badge on your profile.

For Android and iOS users, PRO feature comes with a various price points such as weekly, monthly, annually etc. You can go to Google Play store or Apple app store and check the pricing. The prices vary with your currency and country so do make sure to check it out before making a purchase.  There are other in-app purchases also for specific tasks such as Premium Video Pack, Remove watermark, Premium Photo Story Pack, Thug Life Sticker Pack, Action effect pack available at various price points.

Funimate refund

Funimate free trial:

The app offers 7 day initial free trial where you can where it will let you experience all the PRO features of Funimate free of cost. However, do note that if you do not need the subscription anymore you will need to cancel the same 24 hours before end of free trial otherwise it will charge you on your account. Also the subscription auto renews unless cancelled. If you think it is really useful and worth your money then you can go ahead with subscription. In this article I will explain how to cancel subscription and get a possible refund (depends on the Google Play/Apple app store/Funimate developer rules).

How to get Funimate refund and cancel subscription for Android:

  • Sometimes it is possible that you subscribed inadvertently (such as child using parents account and subscribing unknowingly) or you might have forgotten to cancel the free trial within the 24 hour window. In such cases you might want to cancel the subscription and obtain a refund.
  • If it is less than 48 hours since your account was charged then go to play store and click on order history
  • Find Funimate in the list and select request a refund or report a problem and choose the relevant option (usually request a refund in this case)
  • Fill the form and click submit
  • Usually you will get refund decision within the same day but sometimes it can take up to  4 business days
  • You can get more details on this link

If it is more than 48 hours since your purchase then you will have to contact the developer of the app in order to seek a refund. Go to the Google Play page of the app and you will find the developer email ID in the bottom of description. Write an email to them stating your problem and why you need the refund. Depending on the policies and legal requirements of the developer they may be able to offer you a refund.

How to get Funimate refund and cancel subscription for iOS:

  • In order to cancel the subscription, follow these steps:
    • Open the settings app on your device and click on your name. Next select “Subscriptions”
    • Select “Funimate” and click on cancel subscription. If you do not see cancel then it might be already cancelled and will not renew.
    • Please note that most of the time if you do not manually cancel the subscription then it will automatically renew. Therefore it is important to follow above steps and cancel the app.
    • If you have already paid and then cancel, then you will get to use Funimate PRO features until the end of the subscription or billing cycle.
    • If you cancel during free trial then you will lose the subscription immediately.
  • In order to request a refund for inadvertent orders then follow these steps:
    • Go to this link
    • Log in with your credentials and click on “I would like to”
    • Select “Request a refund”
    • Mention the reason why you are requesting for a refund and then select Next
    • Select the item you have purchased which in this case is Funimate click submit.
    • Please note that if the charge is pending or you have made partial payment then you may not request a refund yet. You need to pay before you request for Funimate refund.
    • It might take up to 48 hours for refund to reflect (sometimes even more depending on your payment method). You can check the status of refund on the same page as link mentioned above.

Finally, Funimate is a wonderful app to edit and create very good looking videos. It has certain features in free app but also there are other features which is accessible to only PRO subscribers. Also ads and watermarks are other issues in free version which gets taken care of if you purchase. Therefore, purchase decision is something which needs to be made keeping in mind your needs and whether it is worth.

If you need to now how to register and login to Funimate then this tutorial will be useful for you.

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