Funimate PC – How to Download and Install on Laptop/Desktop

The majority of apps that are available on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store were created specifically for mobile devices. But did you know that even in the absence of an official PC platform version, you may still use any of your preferred Android or iOS apps on your laptop? Yes, you can install Android apps on a Windows computer and use them just like you would on an Android smartphone by using a few straightforward strategies.

These days, the majority of apps are created only for mobile devices. However, we can also utilize all of these apps on PC thanks to Android emulators. Read along to know the tips and tricks as to how you can use Funimate for PC and laptop.

Get the Funimate app for your personal PC:

Many people want to edit their videos on their personal computer or laptop which runs Windows (7/8/8.1/10) or Mac OS. Although direct download options are not available currently, luckily you can make use of an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, LD Player in order to achieve the objective. Just follow the following steps to Download Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects for PC.

If you want to know how to download Funimate on your phone or tablet which runs Android/iOS then you can read this article.

Funimate for PC or laptop

There is a simple way to install music video maker called Funimate on your PC. This fascinating program becomes creative and well-known due to the 15 available video effects. For anyone looking to create a memorable moment in their life, this software is undoubtedly very helpful. Despite the advantages, it should be highlighted that this video editor lacks some advanced user features. However, the Funimate app is ideal if you only want to edit videos for fun or if you need a straightforward, user-friendly video editor. On Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or Mac, Funimate can be used without any special knowledge because it is so straightforward.

More than 15 visual effects and tracks for music editing are among the capabilities offered by Funimate for Windows and Mac users. Along with immediate access to numerous galleries found on Mac or PC users, it is also accompanied by a variety of musical tracks. The background of the video you are editing can also be changed. In addition to being completely free, it has a great way to make slideshow maker with which you can make an excellent presentation and a more engaging film without the need for an internet connection.

What are the ways with which you can download Funimate for your PC?

The Funimate program can be downloaded and installed on your computer using one of two methods. It is important to notice that Android emulator needs to be installed on the PC whether using the first or second way. A crucial Android emulator which you require is called as Bluestacks.

Basic Method: Using an Emulator

  • We can use an Android Emulator to install Funimate on Windows or Mac PC.
  • Download your favourite emulator. Some of the best in the market are BluestacksNox playerLD Player. In this tutorial I will describe how to Download Funimate on PC using Bluestacks. However, the process is quite similar in other emulators as well.
  • After you have finished downloading, just install Bluestacks emulator. Download and installation time depends on the speed of your internet and computer.
  • Once installation is finished, open Bluestacks and it usually boots in 2-3 minutes based on your PC configuration
  • In the home screen, locate the search bar. You can use this search bar in order to locate the app you want to install which in this case is Funimate.
  • Open Google Play store and search for Funimate app and start downloading free for PC.
  • Once you install Funimate on your PC, it will start showing in the list of apps.
  • Finally, double click on the app and start using Funimate on your PC just like how you use it on your smartphone (Read: Login or Sign in to Funimate video maker)
  • Alternatively, you can download the Funimate APK on your PC (use trusted websites) and extract it using Bluestacks in order to install the same
  • Many people prefer Bluestacks as it provides very good performance, speed of use and reliability.
How to download Funimate to PC using bluestack
How to download Funimate to PC using bluestack

Alternative Method: Using an app called Memuplay

  • Memuplay is another emulator usually preferred by gamers for downloading apps for PC.
  • You can install Funimate on your PC just like the previous method using Bluestacks
  • Download and Install Memuplay. Once the installation is complete, open the app
  • Open Google Play store using the icon on the home screen
  • In the search bar search for Funimate Free Video Editor app
  • Install the app from Google Play or alternatively, download the APK from trusted sites and install it
  • You will find Funimate on Memuplay screen and run Funimate and do your best video edits just like how you do on your smartphone
Guide to Funimate PC using emulator
Guide to Funimate PC using emulator

Download Funimate Video Editor for Mac users:

For Mac users, you can follow similar steps as like Windows users described above.

  • Download and install Bluestacks or any other emulator of your choice
  • Open Apple App store and login using your Apple account.
  • Find and install Funimate video editor and start using just like your mobile

Download Funimate for PC

Funimate app for PC: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to directly download Funimate without the help of emulator?
    • Unfortunately, the app developer has not released any official app or software for PC. Therefore, you need to rely on emulators
  2. Which are the most popular emulators to use Funiamte
    • People generally prefer Bluestacks and Memuplay because of their ease of use, speed, reliability, availability etc.
  3. Out of bluestacks and Memuplay which is better?
    • This option totally depends on your convenience and PC configuration. Bluestacks is a bit heavy whereas Memuplay is light weight. However, both of them perform very differently based on your PC configuration. So the option is completely left to you.

About Funimate:

With Funimate app you can create surprising and wonderful videos with advanced features. (Read: More about Funimate app). Funimate is one of the best app for video editing and is being used by millions of fans around the world to create their creative and loopy videos. The app has advanced features and effects with which you can create PRO videos in seconds and impress your audience. If you already have your photos and short videos ready then you can spice them up by adding unique features such as transitions, animations, video effects, text, emoji, stickers, filter etc. You can also change the background, add overlays etc. which makes this app a truly unique and interesting option for video editing services. The app has an inbuilt element library providing you with thousands of options to make your edits and amaze your friends.

Once you have created your video, you can instantly share them on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and gain thousands of followers very quickly. You can also flaunt your videos in front of Funimate community and get yourself featured. By making creative videos with unique effects, you stand a chance to get featured on the social media app more when you use Funimate to make your edits. With the help of your mobile phone you can make advanced video effects in a short span of time.

With Funimate you can create fan edit videos to show your appreciation and love towards celebrities and influencers. Use the freestyle effects such as text, AI effects, video effects to create lip sync and dance videos. Gaming skills can be displayed by making game edits. You can do edits such as manga, anime, gacha, cartoons etc.


  • Transitions: The app has wonderful transitions which is one of the best in the industry. You can create wonderful videos just by adding your pictures and videos with the help of amazing transitions.
  • Element Library: The app has a wonderful element library from where you can choose overlays, stickers and backgrounds. There are lots of emojis to choose from. Text can be added to videos to make them meaningful and communicable.
  • Keyframes: Use the power of custom animations to create infinitely possible videos. Not just the built in effects or animations but you can animate layers of your photo with Keyframe effects.
  • Add mask effects to videos and use Artificial Intelligence effects
  • Hundreds of effects to choose from. You can use intro and outro effects in order to animate your videos. Choose text and images perfect for your videos.
  • Lots of fonts to choose from for adding text effects
  • Adding music to clips is easy with Funimate. Hundreds of music to choose from.
  • You can also use classic video editing features such as cut, trim, crop, merge etc.
  • Become part of Funimate community. Opportunity to make impact on thousands of people in the community, gain followers and get featured.


Funimate is one of the most preferred app today for video editing features. The ease of use, very less dependencies, ability to create stunning videos are some of the features which make it the preferred app. This post has described the various methods available for downloading and installing Funimate on your PC or laptop. Enjoy reaping the benefits on your computer just like how you do on your smartphone. In case of any queries do write to us.

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