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How do I create a Funimation Account?

Registering an account at Funimation and sign in is a simple process. Follow these steps to register and login to use your Funimation account in order to watch your favorite animes, motion pictures, videos, movies etc.

  1. Visit this website to create your free Account. Remember to keep JavaScript turned on
  2. When you register for a free account you get a lot of benefits such as watching anime for free, create play list, access restricted content, bookmark episodes etc.
  3. You can watch content for free (with ads if you do not have a subscription), stream anime on any device such as PC, mobile, tablet etc.
  4. By registering you also get priority access to Home Video dubs and new SimulDub shows each season
  5. Click on  “Create Free Account” button and it will display the registration form
  6. Enter your Email ID and Password.
  7. Remember to enter a strong password which contains at least 8 characters, uppercase, lowercase, number and special character
  8. You can check the “Join Our Mailing List” check box if you would like to get regular Funimation content updates
  9. You may choose to read the terms of use and privacy policy just to be sure what you are subscribing to
  10. Click on “Continue” button to complete your registration
Register for free Account on Funimation
Register for free Account on Funimation


How do I log into my Funimation account?

Once you complete the registration as pointed above you may proceed to login to your free Funimation account. Simply follow these steps for Funimation Login:

  • Visit this website and it will say “Sign In to Funimation” with a form beneath
  • Enter your email address used at the time of registration and the corresponding password
  • If you forgot the password for Funimation then you can use this link to reset the same
  • Once you enter the email ID and password just click on “SIGN IN” button in order to login
  • After logging in you will be able to stream your favourite content such as anime, videos, movies etc. all for free
  • If you would like to Stream Anime without ads then you can try Premium Plus for $7.99 a month
Funimation Login
Sign in to Funimation

Subscribe for Premium plans:

If you would like to explore Funimation further you can try premium plans. Unlock benefits such as ad-free viewing, subs and dubs, offline videos, flexibility in devices for watching anime etc.  There are 3 major plans which you can subscribe to viz. Premium,  Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra. Following are the benefits of subscribing to Funimation:

  1. Watch videos offline by downloading Funimation on Android and iOS
  2. Up to 5 simultaneous streaming options available
  3. Free shipping on Store shopping (available only to US customers)
  4. Access to unlimited hours and streaming which includes huge library of subs and dubs
  5. Funimation has a lot of super hit shows, latest shows of Japan, fan favorites and all-time classics
  6. Download Funimation app and Stream anime how, when, and where you want to

Following are the benefits of subscribing to each plan:

  • Premium ($5.99/month; $59.99/year):
    • Ad-Free access, Subs and Dubs, 2 Simultaneous streams
  • Premium Plus ($7.99/month; $79.99/year):
    • Premium + 5 Simultaneous streams, Download videos for offline watching, Exclusive member only events,
    • Priority access to special Funimation Shop sales, Shop orders free shipping for over $20 – US only, Members-only offers
  • Premium Plus Ultra ($99.99/year):
    • Free shipping on all Funimation Shop orders (U.S. only)
    • Annual anniversary gift
    • 2 free rentals per year

Funimation Free Trial:

Please note that the service is available in select countries such as U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Free trial is available one per user whose offer period depends upon promotion. Funimation free trial can last from 7 days to 14 days. Before opting for a free trial make sure to read  Terms and Policies. There are a select animes and episodes on Funimation that you can watch for free. If you want the full experience of the app and beyond the free episodes then subscribe to Funimation, Enjoy all the benefits and perks as listed above. Make sure to check out for Funimation coupon codes and promo codes available online for saving on Funimation and longer trial period.

The app is now available on multiple platforms such as Apple TV, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Amazon Kindle, Xbox, PS4, Chromecast, Samsung and LG.


If you are facing login issues and cannot login to Funimation for some reason then do one of the following:

  • Once the account is created you might need to verify your email address. You would receive an email from Funimation. If email is not received in your inbox within 15 minutes, then check your junk mail or spam folder. If you find it there, please mark the email as Not Junk and add to your address book.
  • Ensure that your email and password are correct. Remember that password is case sensitive.
  • If you have used Facebook to signup then you need to click on “Sign in with Facebook” option to log in
  • Go to My Account > Profile where you can set a password for your account
  • You may use this details to log in on the app

If you have trouble logging in then try recovering your password or resetting the password. Click on the link and enter the email ID or password as applicable to make the change.

If you get an error saying that this content is not available in your country then make sure you are not under any proxy. Also you may note that the app is available only in select countries.

Try reaching out to customer support using the link in the footer of Funimation Website in order to reach out to support and resolve your issues.

Watch the below video tutorial to find out more:

YouTube video
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