How to create QR code on Funimate

Interesting QR Code ideas on Funimate:

In this post I will describe how to make your QR codes for elements on Funimate app. As you know Funimate is a wonderful app for your video editing requirements wherein you can add your templates, transitions, make framewise edits. You can add these edited videos on your social network in order to get more followers.

With the help of QR codes you can share your elements with other people so that they can use your elements. QR codes are a new feature in Funimate and has been added in the latest update. So make sure to update your Funimate app.

In order to use QR codes launch your Funimate app, here you will see a lot of options such as Shoot Video, Edit Video, Select Template etc. You can view your Private Projects in the bottom of the screen.

Funimate QR codes

Steps to create QR codes for Funimate elements:

  • Click on plus symbol on the bottom to edit video
  • Choose a background of your choice and the video format (landscape, square, portrait etc.)
  • Go to element library in options tab and add the element of your choice
  • Next add a photo and put transition element
  • There are lot of transitions that you can add on element. You can vary the parameters as per your choice such as intro, zoom, speed etc.
  • Once your transition is ready then you can make it into an element
  • You need to save the element. Scroll to the right and click on the button that says save
  • Choose the tags that you want to add and select option “Allow others to use” in case you want other people to explore your elements
  • Click on Save and your element would be saved to your private projects
  • Go back to your main profile page. Next to your edit profile you will see a star symbol
  • Here you can see the elements that you have starred and also check out “My Elements”
  • On the top right corner of each element there is three dots. Click on that and you will get option called “Create QR code”
  • It will open a new screen where you can see the preview of your element as well as the QR code that has been just created
  • Write a description and click on save. It will create the QR code and it would be saved in your Photos
  • Go to your Photos app or Gallery and you should be able to see your element along with your QR code

How to share the QR code with other people:

  • You can share the QR code you just created by sharing the video or taking a photo of the element
  • Use any sharing app like Whatsapp and share the element or the picture of the QR code with your friend so that they can use it in their edits

How to use QR codes in your Funimate edits:

Go to Funimate and create a fresh blank edit. You can create a background of your choice and start editing. Click on “+” and go to “Element Library”. Select the QR code icon next to the search box. It will take you to the Photos app from where you can choose the QR code you just created. It will automatically be added to your edits and you can add any transition of your choice.

Note that you can create your own QR code for the elements you have created and you can use other’s QR code to access their elements. However, you may not be able to create QR code for other people’s element. Just go to your friends profile and click on the star button next to their “Edit Profile” option. You should be able to see all the elements they have created and starred. You can star the same and add to your favorites however, you will note that you will not be able to create QR code for their element.

In order to get some interesting Funimate QR codes ideas you can follow the QR codes shown in the below video:


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