You don’t need to worry since you’ve come to the proper page if you want to remove your Funimate account. This post demonstrates step-by-step how to deactivate your Funimate account, even if you don’t have a password or login information. You might want to get things done right away if you have a pressing need to delete your account. The good news is that Funimate makes it easy for you to delete your account.

Reason for Deleting your Funimate account

For users to create an account on the Funimate app, which combines a social network with a music video editor, they must be 13 years of age or older. Funimate is available for free download on iOS and Android devices and includes additional in-app purchases as well as advertisements. Older children may feel safe using this app.

We might not even be aware of your precise motivation for wanting to deactivate, cancel, or even delete your Funimate account.

If the reason to deactivate is because of email spamming, we advise you to either mark the message as spam when you open it or unsubscribe from it by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.

There might be other reasons to delete Funimate account such as when you no longer need it or accidentally downloaded it. Also, you might find the app uninteresting or boring after a point and decide to move on.

Keep in mind that you can indicate your desire to completely remove your user account and all associated data by requesting that your Funimate account be permanently removed. This is irreversible, and Funimate won’t be able to retrieve any of your data in the future, including your stored lists and email alerts.

How to delete Funimate account?

We will go over each of the two ways to remove a Funimate account—via the mobile app and from an email account. There is no guarantee that the deletion process will be successful if you skip any steps, even if you adhere to all the instructions.

Method 1: Delete Funimate account via Email

Go to your email account and draft a mail to Funimate Support to deactivate your account. Just mention the email ID and name associated with your account and ask them to delete the account. You may also mention a reason associated with why you would like to delete the account.

Note that this is one of the easiest method which does not require you to have your username and password.

Method 2: Delete Funimate account using the Mobile App

Deleting your Funimate account is very easy using the mobile app. Just follow these steps to accomplish the same.

Step 1: Use the mobile app to log into your Funimate account.

Step 2: Click the placeholder for your profile and choose Settings from the menu.

Step 3: Click Account under your username.

Step 4: click Deactivate your Account.

Step 5: After reading the messages, choose Deactivate.

Step 6: After entering your password a second time, you can click the deactivate button one last time to remove the app from your phone.

Why has Funimate Closed your account?

There are a variety of reasons why Funimate can remove your account without your awareness, like if there has been any “suspect” activity associated with it. Simply logging back into your account will reactivate a self-deactivated Funimate account. It is impossible to restore an account that has been deleted in the past. If Funimate involuntarily deleted your account.

Therefore, to reactivate your Funimate account if it has been disabled and you wish to, simply get in touch with Funimate customer support or write them an email.

How to permanently delete the account along with the data?

Wait 30 days if you wish to permanently remove your Funimate account. Your account will be deleted from the Funimate website after that time period, and you won’t be able to activate it again.

You can access your Funimate information by going to settings and then clicking on it if you can’t wait for the 30 days to pass. Select Deactivate and Delete. Here, select Permanently remove Account before moving on to the account deletion step.

You can indicate your desire to completely remove your user account and all associated data by requesting that your Funimate account be permanently removed. This is irreversible, and Funimate will be unable to retrieve any of your data, including emails and saved lists.

Save all your Funimate data before deactivating the account

If necessary, you should backup your data, or you can delete your account and all of its contents. You must go to the app and take the procedures below to obtain your data.

  • open the app and select the profile icon.
  • select the options icon.
  • Visit others and select “download my data,”
  • Click Delete My Data to stop downloading if you don’t want to.

According to the Funimate website, you won’t be able to access their services while your account is terminated. Nevertheless, the website keeps a small amount of information after an account is deleted for legitimate objectives, such as fraud prevention, accounting needs, and upholding their Terms of Use. This contains a device ID, an email address, and an IP address connected to the account.

Background about Funimate and its Alternatives

The greatest time-lapse video editing program is called Funimate, and it allows you to create stunning music video cuts, lip-sync recordings, slow-motion videos, edit your video, and much more. It was made by AVCR Inc. and is usable on iOS and Android platforms. The program is primarily designed for users who want to create fresh recordings and share them online in order to grow their fan base.

The social network and music video editor Funimate are combined. The Funimate software allows users to create their own music videos, add interesting effects with a single swipe, and post them online to gain “fan” support.

After learning how to delete a Funimate account, you’ll delete your account, and when you do, you’ll discover Funimate alternatives. Funimate’s substitutes include VivaVideo, Tiktok, Filmora go, Kinemaster etc.


In this post you found out how to uninstall the Funmate app, erase your account, and cancel your subscriptions.

We advise that you complete the entire deletion process; else, you won’t be able to remove your account.

In case you are interested to know how to cancel the subscription then you can the read the separate post.