Funimate Musical Video Editor

Funimate Musically Video Editor – How to merge videos on the app

If you enjoy editing your films to give them a unique flair. The “Funimate Musical Video Editor” software is therefore ideal for you. There are many great video editing capabilities in Funimate Video Editor.

With the special video editing tool, you can add slideshows, crop video clips, and add background music to create stunning films. Wide range of tools for enhancing your video quality are included, along with opportunities for collaborative video editing.

Excellent tool with a wide range of multi-variant functions, including trim, slideshow, combine, and many others. On your Windows device, built-in tools let you rapidly create slideshows with an unlimited number of photographs.

Funimate Musically Video Editor
Funimate Musically Video Editor

How to merge videos using Funimate

Consider that you wish to add some of your charms to videos by merging them. Funimate is the ideal application for you, so that’s good. Making a choice amongst your videos is difficult.

But thanks to what Funimate Musical video editor has in store for you instead, you are no longer need to endure it. You may do it fast using the brand-new, cutting-edge “add video” option. Simply follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1: On your computer or laptop, launch Funimate Musically Video Editor. This will enable you to access the home screen. Now select the Add Video option on the screen, which is the fourth from the left.

Step 2: How to combine videos with the all-in-one Funimate software. To combine your existing video, add a fresh video clip. The new clip can be added to any of the three places. Currently, at the start of the project, or at its conclusion.

Step 3: Set the length of your combined video. To select a duration choice from the video, move the two cursors along the blue bar. Then, add the filter effects to your movie by clicking the filter icon option.

Step 4: Select your preferred resolution for your merging video by clicking on Desired resolution.

Step 5: Select the video’s properties, click the “Save” option, and then save the file somewhere on your computer.

Funimate Musically Video Editor
Funimate Musically Video Editor

Features of Funimate Musical Video Editor

Following are the powerful features which you can achieve using Funimate:


Although instructive, texts nevertheless give your films a sharp appearance. It’s one thing to add text to a photo, but it may be incredibly difficult to do so with a video. The simplest method is currently shown to you by “Funimate Video Editor,” so it can end.


The finest memory train one can board is a slideshow, but it has to be a good one, right? You can now create incredible slideshows with the new “slideshow” tool, which will make you feel really nostalgic.

Trim videos

One of the most crucial aspects of video editing is video trimming. It is a difficult but crucial task, but with the correct help and equipment, anybody can complete it with ease. Utilize the new “trim video” function created just for you by following the simple instructions provided.

Text on Photo

Texts provide information while still giving your photo a sharp appearance. While adding text to an image is one thing, doing so in a way that is hip and fashionable may be really challenging. The simplest method is currently shown to you by “Funimate Video Editor,” so it can end.

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