Is Funimate a social media like TikTok or Instagram?

As you know that Funimate is a good app for making creative videos which lets you add effects, transitions, cut, crop, edit videos. It has become a favorite app for many people. For those who do not have idea about this app, there is a general concern whether Funimate is like any other social media such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.

Funimate is an amalgamation of video editing and social media features. Users need to download the app from Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account with the app  using email or social network such as Facebook, Twitter. You also need to have an account with Google Play or iTunes. Although the terms of use of the app says that the user should be of minimum 13 years to use the app, there is no validation of the age that happens. The content created in the app is entirely of the person posting it and the app developer does not take any responsibility of the content posted or review or moderate the same. Therefore, users might be exposed to unwanted content such as nudity, profanity, explicit content, racism , bullying, violence, alcohol , drugs etc.

Is Funimate a social media

Once the account is created, users can start posting their videos, watch others videos etc. This exposes the user to other people who might be following you. However, there are a lot of privacy options which you can control using the Settings menu. This lets you make your account private, limit the comments and prevent others from watching or sharing the videos. If you want detailed information about what data is collected, how it is used, shared and choices available, you can visit the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use section on app or the official website.

Parental Review and Supervision:

Sometimes parental supervision is recommended especially when young kids and teens are using it. Although the app is a lot safer compared to other social media, there are still risks of getting exposes to unwanted content and bullying. Also, there are certain features which are hidden under the PRO or premium subscription. Since your app store ID would be linked with the app, its easy to subscribe with a click of a button and your free trial will start. If you do not cancel the subscription much before the trial ends, you might be charged for the same. So you need to be careful that your kid will not subscribe unintentionally as getting a refund might be difficult.

Bottom Line:

Although Funimate has social media features where people can follow, watch others content, like, share, comment etc. The app is much safer as compared to social network such as TikTok. However, parents are advised to track the usage and see what is being posted or seen by the children. There are a lot of apps/software available in the market in order to do this supervision.

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